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The Night Clerk at a local hotel with Aspergers, Bart, trys dealing with his social awkwardness by watching patrons on hidden cameras. When a guest is murdered Bart gets caught up as a suspect when police are uncomfortable he produces an unbelievable alaby

Genre Romance

release Date 2020

Tye Sheridan

creator Michael Cristofer





I think I got the gist of what happened in this murder mystery after it ended, but I still don’t feel totally clued in. I found it to be confusing and meandering, the editing sloppy, and the directing haphazard. There isn’t a scene in the entire movie that plays out well and seems reasonably well constructed. Characters popped in and out of scenes seemingly at random. At the 45 minute mark I asked myself: is this movie going to go anywhere? I continued to watch because the two leads, Tye Sheridan and Ana de Armas, were convincing, and had a genuine rapport, but John Leguizamo and Helen Hunt drifted in and out of the movie, their characters being sketchy at best. The premise of the story must have looked good on paper, but the end result is a dud.


Tye Sheridan gives an outstanding performance and portrayal of a low/ middle spectrum autistic young adult. This is one to watch.


The ending was terrible! It left us hanging! The big actors were not used enough! Could have been really good.
Good movie to watch especially for the acting done from all characters in this movie and also the thrilling moments in the movie make it watchable.

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